Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've been hosed.... well, it's shocking, really.

I'm too tired tonight to write something interesting... here is a bit of an email I sent my husband who is out on an aircraft carrier this week. The week has been a busy one for me, so most of our emails have been short and sweet and not too in-depth.  I thought I would send him a more detailed update of some of our excitement:

On Tuesday night I had a conference call for The Crib at 7pm.  I had
strategically planned the day so the kids wouldn't nap (except Sam) so
they would be tired and quiet by 7pm.  Well, we were driving home from
the gym around 5:30pm and saw this lady setting up some of those
crawl-through tubes in the common area. I thought "now there's a
motivated mom!" We ate dinner and at 6pm we head up to bath... just
enough time to get everyone washed and squared away. Grace is standing
on the steps looking out the big window "MOM! Look what is happening
in our field?!" And guess what... it wasn't a motivated mom... it was
the Fire Dept. They had apparently sent emails out that I didn't get
about a Family Night Out. The fire truck was there SPRAYING WATER into
the field (like way up into the air so it wasn't crushing kids, of
course) and they had games and a water-table and face painting!  So I
stood there debating on what to do.. but how could I NOT let them go
out there and check it out?! I mean really, with Matthew's love of trucks...
and I've never seen a fire truck spraying its hose! So we ran and put their 
swimsuits and water socks on and went out for some fun.  They got a little 
timid in the water because there were some older kids running around but they had
fun with the other stuff (no face painting).  I figured if we could
get back in the house by 6:35pm I could skip bath, get them into
jammies, get Sam down, and the big kids into my bed for a movie.
Well, Sam decided he wanted to check out the water too and he loved
it. And he fell in the newly mowed field and was all wet and came out
looking like a scarecrow! So... into the bath they all went... grass
was everywhere in our bathroom.  Out of the bath they all hopped.
Grace hopped a little too much because she was so wound up from the
fire truck excitement, she fell into our shower stall and got a bloody
nose!!!!!!  It's now 6:50pm. Bah! Cleaned her up (it wasn't too too
bad) and got Sam into jammies and settled in to give him a bottle.
Then he drank a great big mouthful, got a cough and coughed it up on
me. Awesome. Anyway, after that I was able to get him down, got on the
call about 10 minutes late which was not really a big deal, and the
kids went to bed after that.  geesh.

Today I was cleaning up the kitchen and Matthew says "Mom, come look!"
so I follow him to the front room and see our tall lamp laying on the
floor!  "Sam pulled it down." First thought: Phew. No one was hurt.
Second thought: I bet the bulb shattered.  So the lamp is laying on
the ground with the bowl-shade-thing laying flat on the floor upside
down... like it had slipped off the pole and flipped 90 degrees.  So I
carefully pick it up and there are no shards of glass. Phew. Again.
but I can't get the shade back up because the bulb is cock-eyed
because the bulb holder (I'm sure that is the technical term) is also
cock-eyed and not through the hole in the shade.  So.. I glance down
one more time to make sure Sam isn't finding glass that I had missed,
grab the bottom of the bulb holder with my left hand and ZAP!!!!!!!
HOLY CRAP!!!!!  My index finger and thumb clench onto whatever that
thing is called, and I can feel electricity zap up through my elbow
and shoulder and I swear my heart skipped a beat or two!!!! HOLY CRAP. 
I involuntarily went "HUUUUUUUUUUH!" Dude. E.D.Electron is no joke.  My
hand was tingly for a good two hours, but I'm back to normal now. I
unplugged the light and give it the evil eye every time I walk by it
So that's what we've been up to.  Shockingly good times! 

                                                        The Lamp that Shocked Me Silly

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