Saturday, March 24, 2012

Groovin' on...

Now that we have finally made some progress on our Deployment Countdown and the homecoming date "seems" to be as certain as Navy-certain gets, I think the kids and I have finally gotten into the deployment groove.  We all still miss Paul every day, but maybe the missing him is starting to be the norm.  We know that each night we go to bed is one less night of blowing kisses to him in the air, and every morning we wake up is one morning closer to the morning we get to put on our homecoming outfits and go pick him up at the squadron.  So we are groovin'; I feel like I am growing through this experience.  Groovin' and growing is good for this Momma's soul.

Perhaps the groove is feeling pretty good since we just had two very special visitors in the last month.  Paul's mom was out here for a week and when I say "Paul's mom" I mean "The Laundry Queen."  No kidding.  First time since Paul left in December that ALL of our clothes were clean.  Dishes were cleaned and unloaded from the dishwasher BEFORE a whole other load of dirty dishes piled up on the counter.  I kind of forgot those things were possible.  In fact, Paul's mom did something even more impossible... or even more important... she gave me room to breathe, to play with the kids, and brought my enthusiasm for motherhood way way WAY up.  Enthusiasm is good for this Momma's soul.

Our other special visitor was my childhood neighbor.  We've known eachother since I was 6 1/2.  We played Barbies, kick-the-can, and volleyball together.  We lived nextdoor to each other and, for one summer, in the same apartment together.  Her visit was a bunch of fun and totally, completely comfortable.  Stacy helped the kids and I plant one of our neighborhood's garden boxes.  We planted a bunch of herbs, strawberries (per Matthew's request), and wild flowers.  We also planted a few flower boxes for our backyard - "red flowers" (per Grace's request).  We watched a terrible movie and laughed all the way through it.  We went to the gym two mornings in a row and laughed all the way through both of those mornings.  Laughter is definitely good for this Momma's soul.

To top off all my soul nourishment, I got to spend this afternoon with a dear friend, her husband, and their tiny, perfect, completely adorable 2-day-old baby boy.  Oh sweet Heaven, is he cute!  Sweet baby smell, tiny little teeney diaper butt, cute little baby yawns, and those wonderous eyes peaking out and blinking and blinking are good for this Momma(who will not be having another tiny miracle of her own)'s soul.

So here we are on a Saturday night, watching a movie, and having a "camp out" in the family room.  The kids and I are groovin' and I am feeling like my soul is ready for the next 4 months... or at least 4 weeks, when my mom visits!

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