Sunday, July 31, 2011

AND..... We're Back!

Whew.  I just enjoyed a thoroughly lovely week in Michigan.  Without internet.  Or should I say, without reliable internet.   Being "unplugged" was fabulous and annoying.  Fabulously Annoying, or Annoyingly Fabulous?  I'm not sure.  But clearly, I'm giddy to be back on-line.  

And so... back to our regularly scheduled program.

Our family vacation was quite a classic.  We headed to a smallish lake in Michigan where I spent one week every summer from 1981 - 1993.  My lake memories are 99.9% great and honestly, I can't even remember the .1% that was not great.  I used to build sand castles, read, swim, make-up dance routines with my sister, eat "fluff-a-nutters," nap in a hammock, and get a fantastic tan.  This year's vacation was really great too, except not exactly like I remembered it.  Turns out when I am the Mom... it's not as vacation-y.  I had to clean up the sandy swimsuit bottoms, worry about wee ones drowning, endure hours of pretend shows (although K and I did make up a short synchro inner-tubing routine!), make the sandwiches, and worry about getting enough sun screen on the kids.  Ah, responsibilities.  

However now we are home, well-tanned, sort-of rested, and happy to have spent so much time together. It's nice to be home with so many soul-satisfying memories tucked away.  Tomorrow is Monday and we get back to the real world.  Tonight I shall enjoy my last bit of vacation... and maybe eat one last "fluff-a-nutter."

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