Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Infinity... and BEYOND!

I am Beyond.......

Beyond Behind-Schedule: I had intended to blog much more consistently. Ten days with no blog. Boo. Maybe the following Beyonds will explain what I've been up to.

Beyond Thrilled: The waiting is over.  We found out we are going to be moving to California in approximately three months!  Getting stationed back out West was what we were hoping for and having three months to plan is more than I had hoped for.  Great weather and great friends await us.

Beyond Denial: The move means saying good-bye to good friends here.  The move means leaving our most-wonderful pre-school and finding a new one that will not bust our bank but still give our kids a good foundation. The move means a deployment is in our near future.  However, I'm really not paying attention to any of these facts.

Beyond Busy: This week is filled with jam-packed days.... we have swim lessons in the evening; pre-school, plus dentist appointments, and teaching at the gym are booked in the mornings.  We are leaving for our summer vacation on Friday evening, which means I get to do loads (and I mean LOADS) of laundry, pack for three kids and myself, run to Target to get the stuff we need - only to come home and realize I forgot the thing we really need - re-run to Target again.  Sprinkle in some obsessing about where to live in California, gazing at greatschools.org, and making lists [oooh! that will be my next blog topic!].  I do not mean to complain at all.  I am fully aware that it was I, who made my schedule, who thought swim lessons were a good idea, who put off all that laundry until it piles high, who continues to google things about California.

Beyond Thankful: I very recently heard some encouraging news about a very dear person's health.  You know who you are, you.  I'm thankful that after a few months of not-so-good news, there is a glimmer of goodness... a really bright glimmer!  I know that these health issues have ups and downs, but I will be thankful for this up and will worry about the downs another day.

Beyond Blessed: I really am.